We greatly value receiving feedback from parents, teachers, sendco’s and children who have used our services, as it helps us to constantly improve the service we provide. Please see below a few testimonials.

“Our very vulnerable children have benefitted from the subsidised art therapy that they have been able to access. It makes a huge difference being able to offer support to parents who are desperate to be able to help their children.   The children are now coping better with life and seem much happier.  Thank you for your support”.  Alison Waller, Deputy Head Teacher, Hertsmere Jewish Primary School.


“I would like to thank you on behalf of our school and our vulnerable families profusely for your fabulous Art Therapy services through ATFC. Your input has meant the difference between failing and functioning to our children. They look forward to their sessions where they have that very professional yet nurturing space to express their anxieties and work through them while creating their fabulous crafts. The benefits gained in an hour of therapy spill over to the rest of the week, in school and at home. We are also extremely grateful you have helped fund this as our families are going through hard times. Wishing you every success with your meaningful work”. Ayala Rosenthal SENCO, Tashbar


I just want to send a heart- felt thank you for the work of Anyta. All of the children she has worked with have made so much progress, in terms of resilience, social awareness, focus and general happiness. I can see the impact in these boys across the school”. 

Ms Andrea Sawyer ,Senco, Torah Temima Primary School.


“I am writing to attest the tremendous benefit of Art Therapy for our more vulnerable girls at Bnos Beis Yaakov. For these girls who have severe learning difficulties, feelings of failure or emotional and behavioural problems, art therapy is an invaluable tool. It gives them a safe space to express their feelings and reveal things disturbing them that they are not comfortable to discuss elsewhere. Expression through art is non-threatening and fun and the girls see their sessions with Natasha as the highlight of the week.

Working closely with myself and parents, Natasha is able to improve the girl’s confidence and feelings of self-esteem, which will lesson chances of emotional impact on their future lives. Most of our girls come from low income families who cannot afford to fund sessions themselves so Arts Therapies for Children’s service is invaluable for us”. 

Mrs Helen Birnbaum. Senco. Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary School


“I would like to thank you very much for working so hard to establish your charity Arts Therapies for Children which does amazing work. My son has been receiving art therapy by Natasha since the beginning of this school year and he absolutely loves it. He goes in with a lot of enthusiasm. I was told by the therapist that he needs this space where he can just be himself and talk about his week, the good things that happened and the bad, what he’s happy about and what’s bothering him. It boosted his self-confidence, which as part of his diagnosis is low. We hope he will be able to carry on with the therapy next year because it has proved itself to be extremely helpful. I was told sometimes he comes into the session quite angry or can’t control himself very well and during the session is almost transformed. He manages to calm himself and use the art to express himself. The offer for art therapy came in at the exact right time because I was looking for some kind of therapy and CAMHS offered us nothing at all. I am very grateful and happy our son was chosen to benefit from this amazing and important project and hope you will be able to find continuous funding for it”. Dr S Silberstein


“Your input has meant the difference between failing and functioning to our child. They look forward to their session where they have that very professional yet nurturing space to express their anxieties and work through them while creating their fabulous crafts. The benefits gained in an hour of therapy spill over to the rest of the week, in school and at home. We are also extremely grateful you have helped fund this as our families are going through hard times”. SENDCO 


“I would like to thank you very much for working so hard to establish your Charity Arts Therapies for Children which does amazing work, My son has been receiving art therapy since the beginning of this school year and he absolutely loves it. He goes in with a lot of enthusiasm. It boosted his self confidence. The offer for art therapy came in at the exact right time. I am very grateful and happy that our son was chosen to benefit from this amazing and important project”. PARENT


“We have been absolutely thrilled with the service you have provided this term. X has been an amazing addition to our team. All of the children and parents have been very happy with the service and do to its success and the progress the children have made, we now have a waiting list of children wishing to engage with your therapists. We only wish that you could facilitate more of our children. Many thanks for all of your support this term”. SENDCO


“I’ve seen a huge improvement in X. There are times he still struggles coming into school, but he has built a very strong bond with his therapist. On a Friday he looks forward to his sessions and is always enthusiastic at the things he’s made and wants to show the class. His therapist has also offered some good advice on strategies to do with X in school and the strategies she has suggested at home mum is now doing”. SENDCO 

“With regards to X, I feel she is more confident to talk about her feelings where before she wasn’t.  Your therapist X is always very approachable and has a very warm manner with the children. I really hope these sessions could continue as they are amazing for the children”. SENDCO


“Our two primary schools regard themselves as extremely fortunate to benefit from the services of your charity. The referral process is sensitive and administered in a most efficient manner. The art therapist, X has developed excellent relationships with the pupils who she works with and who often have complex challenges in their lives to contend with. The effect on these pupils is noticeable and even staff who may have expressed scepticism initially now value the impact the therapy has upon pupils lucky enough to benefit from a place. Indeed, we have a waiting list – even though the number of places increased to eight for this academic year. X and I meet on a regular basis to review impact and continued viability for each pupil and assess progress without breaching confidentiality. The opportunity to explore one’s emotional and mental wellbeing through the medium of art cannot be understated. The sessions provided by Stella provide a safe, secure, and private space and her sensitive manner and gentle personality have worked wonders on our pupils. The Art Therapy provided by your charity is not just an extra activity for these little people but a significant and much relished time during their school week to develop and find the capability to articulate and communicate in a meaningful way with someone they trust”. SENDCO


” We are very grateful for your service and for the therapy that these pupils have received which has impacted them at home and at school”. SENDCO


“All 3 of the therapists who come into school are just lovely. They are approachable and accommodating”. SENDCO


“Everything has been so well thought through and has greatly benefited our children, we have used the therapy for 3 children and are starting a 4th child in the summer term. X, the therapist, has been a delight to work with. She has been so professional and communicates regularly and effectively with us in school. We hope to continue using your service in the next academic year again”. SENDCO


“Firstly a huge thank you to you and your team on behalf of all of us at our school. We are so grateful for the opportunity to help some our children who are really struggling and need this extra support that we couldn’t provide. We have 5 children now getting help through your incredible charity.

Each family has gone through many challenges that have affected their children, the children have all struggled in school in a number of ways- school refusing, hiding under tables, violence, feeling overwhelmed thinking they must be a carer etc. The help they are now getting has given the children and families hope and support that things are and will continue to improve. 

Both therapists are totally on board, care about the children and have just got straight into things. We are really happy with both of them. Thank you so much for all your help in making this happen”. SENDCO


“Thank you ATFC for providing our vulnerable children stability, and care through your Art Therapy Sessions. Sadly we have children struggling or going through difficult times. However tough their week looks they know their art session is there for them, it is their very own hour to shine, release the tension they hold, find their inner strength and have fun too. Their faces literally light up when their therapists walk in!”. SENDCO


Due to confidentiality reasons some names have been removed.