ATFC runs a number of community and fundraising events throughout the year. Email: [email protected] for more details.

18th June 2024

ATFC Charity Dinner

Sunday 23rd June 2024

Maccabi GB Fun Run
Please sign up to run 1km, 5km or 10km for Arts therapies for Children!

June 2023

ATFC Charity Dinner

Sunday 25th June 2023

Maccabi GB Fun Run

July 2022

ATFC Charity Dinner

Our inaugural ATFC fundraising dinner was held on the 11th July and was a huge success. Thanks to the generosity of all those who attended we raised in excess of £100,000!!!

June 2022

Maccabi Fun Run

Over 5,000 members of the Jewish Community took part in this exciting family-fun event with many people walking, hopping, skipping around the 1km, 5km 10km courses to raise money for ATFC!

29 August 2021

Fun Run 2021

Thanks to our amazing team of runners we managed to raise much needed money to help support the ever increasing demand for our services! 

23 June  2019

Fun Run 2019

We had a record 25 runners raising funds on behalf of ATFC at the 2019 Maccabi GB Community Fun Run, as well as an exhibition stand to spread our message throughout the community. The event was a great success as we raised much needed funds.

2 June 2019

Kinloss Art Fair

In 2019 we participated alongside Shalva in communal art fair hosted by the Kinloss community in North-West London. The reception evening was a great success, with Jewish-themed paintings, sculptures, embroidery pieces, silks and more for sale by Jewish artists.

27 May 2018

Jewish Art Fair

In 2018 we hosted the first ever affordable Jewish art fair alongside SEED at its centre in Edgware. A portion of the profits on sales made by the 38 artists exhibiting were donated to ATFC.