We believe that every child with emotional or behavioural difficulties, is entitled to, and should benefit from some form of therapeutic intervention at School.

Whilst children can go to centres or private therapists outside school hours; we feel that the best place for a child to receive therapy is at school, in a place where they feel safe and during times when they are not exhausted after a long day.

Providing therapy at school also provides the therapist with the opportunity to observe children at play or in class to see how they interact with other children and teachers. The therapist is then also available to meet with teachers, senco’s and parents to work together to support the child.

The average waiting time for children and young people to access mental health services ranges from 14 to 200 days.

Once through the referral process and finally able to get specialist support, even young people with life-threatening conditions can wait more than 100 days before receiving any form of treatment.

Statistics from local.gov.uk – local government association.

Having run this programme for the last six years at over nineteen Primary Schools, we have seen first hand the extent of the impact that art therapy has had on the emotional well being of over hundreds of children.

We are passionate about replicating the successful model we have in place, so that all children can have some emotional support when they need it most.

My son has been benefiting from his sessions where he can just be himself and explore his feelings. It boosted his self-confidence, which as part of his diagnosis is low. Sometimes he goes into the session quite angry and during the session is almost transformed. We were desperate for help and CAMHS offered us nothing. I am very grateful our son was chosen to partake in this amazing and important project and sincerely hope you will be able to find continuous funding.